Genetic Identification

Synergene subsidiary Synergene Profiling Ltd (SPL) offers a comprehensive range of DNA Profiling services. SPL is located within the Synergene complex and has its own dedicated equipment, staff and business development team.

Synergene Profiling offers the following genetic identification tests:

  • Paternity Tests examine the relationship between parent and child.
  • Twin Zygosity Tests determine whether twins are identical or not.
  • DNA Profiles Tests assist in the safeguarding of property and inheritance for the rightful heirs.
  • Relationship Tests examine biological relationship between individuals.
  • Forensic DNA Tests are used by law enforcement agencies to identify accident or crime victims, or to link crime and suspects.
  • Tests Available

Human cells contain a genetic profile in the form of DNA. An individual’s genetic profile is different from the genetic profile of any other person in the world (except in the case of identical twins, who have identical profiles). By studying the genetic profile it is therefore possible to identify each individual unequivocally.

Since an individual’s genetic profile is the same in every cell throughout the body, all kinds of human samples can be used to generate the genetic profile, including blood, saliva, mouth swabs, hair roots, sperm and tissue.

Synergene provides extremely accurate genetic identification by using state-of-the-art equipment and an established test consisting of 16-markers to generate the genetic profile. The reliability of our test is at least 100 times greater than that required in courts of law.

Our scientific staff is trained and experienced in the most advanced procedures for genetic identification, and ensures that every test is carried out precisely and efficiently.

Synergene offers its services to legal and medical professionals as well as to private citizens. DNA testing is a well-established procedure widely accepted in courts as legal evidence in resolving disputes or questions involving identity, including doubts about paternity and other relationships. The procedure is equally important for individuals seeking peace of mind without the intention of resorting to the courts of law.

We treat all our cases with strict confidentiality, and communicate results only to the tested parties or their appointed representatives.