Accreditation Report

Throughout the world, many countries now rely on a process called laboratory accreditation as a means of determining technical competence. Laboratory accreditation uses criteria and procedures specifically developed to determine technical competence. Specialist technical assessors conduct a thorough evaluation of all factors in a laboratory that affect the production of test or calibration data. The criteria are based on an international standard called ISO 17025, which is used for evaluating laboratories throughout the world. Laboratory accreditation bodies use this standard specifically to assess factors relevant to a laboratory’s ability to produce precise, accurate test and calibration data, including:

  • Technical competence of staff.
  • Validity and appropriateness of test methods.
  • Traceability of measurements and calibrations to national standards.
  • Suitability, calibration and maintenance of test equipment.
  • Testing environment.
  • Sampling, handling and transportation of test items.
  • Quality assurance of test and calibration data.

In July 2005, following a thorough examination of our operations, Synergene was awarded ISO 17025 accreditation. This achievement has not only made Synergene the first privately owned laboratory in Malta to achieve this mark of quality in DNA Profiling and Forensics, but it also places Synergene within an elite group of laboratories worldwide. ISO 17025 accreditation is the most important assurance a laboratory can give to its clients: it assures them of a high level of technical competence and quality within the laboratory.

All DNA testing is carried out at our laboratories in Malta, using the latest DNA capillary sequencing equipment and technology. The expertise of our scientists combined with the investment in technology provides us with a strong competitive advantage in the international market. We can provide DNA testing at very competitive prices, fast turnaround times and with the highest levels of accuracy, now assured by our accreditation status.

Other institutions offer accreditation services, such as the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) which are specific to particular tests. ISO 17025 accreditation is a more universal type of accreditation standard as it covers all fields of laboratory testing and calibration.

Should you require any further information about Synergene’s ISO accreditation, or a copy of our accreditation scope, please do not hesitate to contact me.