About Synergene

Synergene is a biotechnology company with dual functions: Provision of Molecular Diagnostics services and “know-how” as well as research for target gene discovery. Synergene operates from its corporate headquarters and its state-of-the-art molecular biology laboratory in Malta at the heart of the Mediterranean. The choice of location was based – among other advantages- on a lucrative taxation license that will be applicable to the European Union. The company is guided by an international panel of scientists and geneticists and it is backed by a group of international venture capitalists with strong experience in the biotechnology industry. Synergene pursues the highest standards to ensure quality maintenance throughout the organisation. Synergene Biotechnology Group obtained its international ISO 17025 accreditation in July 2005.

Disseminating “Know-how” in Molecular Diagnostics: Synergene is establishing joint ventures with medical professionals, hospitals and governmental entities to provide molecular diagnostic services in various countries in the Mediterranean region and the Far East. These entities have a strong local presence that ensures their ability to recruit patient samples for diagnostic testing. Synergene employs a model whereby it transfers its extensive knowledge in molecular diagnostics, provides the required training and capital equipment in exchange for equity positions in the respective local companies. The model is based on the concept that “end marketing” is the key to success.

Synergene employs a team of highly-skilled research scientists with experience in genetics, genomics and molecular biology. All work is carried out using the latest DNA capillary sequencing equipment and technology. The expertise of our scientists combined with the investment in technology provide Synergene with its competitive advantage in the international markets.

The company provides a broad range of services to the international community of geneticists, researchers, hospitals, universities and legal entities. Services include diagnostics, and custom-based research for genetic diseases, and genetic identification including paternity testing and forensic DNA profiling.

Synergene is also developing its own portfolio of in-house research activities directed towards the development of intellectual property.