Custom Based Research

Synergene is continuously seeking to establish collaborations with scientists, research groups and other enterprises involved in gene-hunting and large scale research projects requiring high-throughput DNA sequencing.

We are currently involved in a number of reasearch projects including a population based human diversity project and the localization and identification of genes that confer strong genetic predisposition to Epilepsy and Osteoporosis.

Synergene has the capability and expertise to perform high-quality DNA sequencing, and our scientific group has refined techniques to handle regions of DNA that are traditionally considered difficult to sequence. Our scientists are also able to supplement the raw sequence data with valuable interpretative information relevant to the application.

Synergene is especially interested in projects with a potential to generate intellectual property or publishable results, and seeks to negotiate agreements that are mutually beneficial to both parties.

For further information about our services or to discuss how we can collaborate on your project please contact us at [email protected] or fill in our contact form.